Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Cast & Crew

Sponsored by Riddell National Bank


  • [Name of Actor] as Caractacus Potts
  • [Name of Actor] as Truly Scrumptious
  • [Name of Actor] as Baron Bomburst
  • [Name of Actor] as Baroness Bomburst
  • [Name of Actor] as Grandpa Potts
  • [Name of Actor] as Jeremy Potts
  • [Name of Actor] as Jemima Potts
  • [Name of Actor] as The Childcatcher




  • Directed by [Name of Director]
  • Music Directed by [Name of Music Director]
  • Choreographed by [Name of Choreographer]
  • Set Design by [Name of Set Designer]
  • Costume Design by [Name of Costume Designer]
  • Lighting Design by [Name of Lighting Designer]
  • Sound Design by [Name of Sound Designer]



  • Stage Manager: [Name of Stage Manager]
  • Assistant Stage Manager: [Name of Assistant Stage Manager]
  • Props Master: [Name of Props Master]
  • Technical Director: [Name of Technical Director]
  • Sound Operator: [Name of Sound Operator]
  • Lighting Operator: [Name of Lighting Operator]
  • Costume Assistant: [Name of Costume Assistant]
  • Makeup Artist: [Name of Makeup Artist]

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Note: The actual cast and crew names will be listed once the production is finalized.

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