On Golden Pond Cast and Crew Build Their Set in a Single Day!

The set before the cast and crew began their work day

Welcome to the Community Theatre of Clay County, where the magic of live performances comes alive. We are thrilled to share the story of “On Golden Pond” with you, a heartwarming tale that explores the complexities of family, love, and aging. In this blog post, we delve into an extraordinary achievement by the cast and crew: the construction of 90% of the set on a single Saturday!

Lisa Watler Marse – The Director’s Artistic Vision

A play’s success greatly depends on the director’s artistic vision, and Lisa Watler Marse brought her immense talent to the helm of “On Golden Pond.” With her keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the play’s themes, she set the stage for a transformative experience. Marse’s collaboration with technical director, Bryan Schroeder, proved to be a winning combination, leading the way for the ambitious undertaking of building the set in record time. Marse, Schroeder, cast, and crew all came together to build their set. Their accomplishment of completing 90% of the project within a single day is the fastest complex-set-building that CTCC has ever seen! 

Marse directs On Golden Pond
Schroeder guides cast and crew through the set-building process

Bryan Schroeder – Technical Director

Behind every successful production lies a dedicated and talented technical director. Bryan Schroeder, the technical director for “On Golden Pond,” played a pivotal role in making this remarkable feat possible. With his expertise in set design and construction, he guided the team toward a shared vision of creating a stunning and authentic setting for the play. Marse, cast, and crew were all thrilled with the result of completing the majority of their set in a single day! All that was left to do was create trim, paint the flats, and dress the set; all of which the cast and crew will help complete throughout the remaining month of their rehearsal process. Schroeder has been working in theatre spaces since he was a teenager, and he is glad that he can give back to his community and to the local art scene in this way. He hopes to help create a culture where this kind of accomplishment becomes the new norm for CTCC.

Cast and crew work together

Uniting Passionate Volunteers for a Common Goal

CTCC thrives on the dedication and passion of its volunteers. When the ambitious plan to construct most of the set within a single afternoon was proposed, the team rallied together, fueled by their shared love for the performing arts. Some volunteers had previous set-building experience, and some had never even been in a play before, let alone help build a set for one. However, each member played a crucial role in bringing the set of “On Golden Pond” to life.

A Herculean Effort – Constructing 90% of the Set

Our theatre puts on multiple productions every season. With a great partnership with the Youth Programs committee, their adorable Winnie the Pooh set was taken down on Friday night so that work for the On Golden Pond set could get going in full force on Saturday morning.

On the day of the set construction, the cast and crew of “On Golden Pond” embarked on an extraordinary challenge. The team swiftly transformed a mostly-empty stage into a vivid representation of a lakeside cabin, where the story’s memorable moments would unfold. Through meticulous planning and coordinated efforts, they seamlessly brought together walls, furniture, props, and intricate details, capturing the essence of the play’s setting. With their exceptional teamwork and dedication, the cast and crew of “On Golden Pond” and the Community Theatre of Clay County have achieved something truly remarkable. 

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On Golden Pond actors rehearse on the set they constructed in a single day.
Actors on the set they worked together to build
Actors rehearse on their nearly-finalized set as the crew observes

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