Meshuggah Nuns

Cast & Crew


Sister Mary Regina – Teresa Shunk

Sister Mary Hubert – Michelle McCrea


Sister Robert Anne – Valerie Clark


Sister Mary Paul – Hannah Hughes


Howard Liszt – Dan Stribling 


The Purser – Caden Barnes



Isaiah Bridgewater

Destiny Cox

Lilly Fewless

Piper Gibbens

Sandy Gibbens

Nancy Kulow

Karen Morris

Cindi Monds-White

Production Crew:

Director: Shaun Short

Assistant Director: Tammy Emmert

Stage Manager: 

Assistant Stage Manager: 

Set Designer: 

Lighting Designer: 


Costume Designer: 

Props Master: 

Sound Designer: 

Makeup Artist: 

Hair Stylist: 

Technical Support: 

Backstage Crew: 

Note: The actual cast and crew names will be completed once the production is finalized.

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