Meshuggah Nuns

Get Ready to Laugh: Audition for Meshuggah Nuns at CTCC!


This is going to be an exciting journey for us all. Performances will take place May 3, 4, and 5. “Meshuggah Nuns” is a hilarious musical comedy that follows the story of the Little Sisters of Hoboken, who are putting on a benefit show to raise money for their convent. However, chaos ensues when they accidentally book a venue that is also hosting a performance of “Fiddler on the Roof.” The nuns must navigate their way through the mishaps and misunderstandings that arise, all while showcasing their unique talents and personalities. With catchy songs, witty dialogue, and a cast of zany characters, “Meshuggah Nuns” is a delightful and entertaining show that is sure to leave audiences laughing and singing along. Our team is looking for enthusiastic and dedicated cast and crew members who are passionate about theater arts. This is a volunteer organization so we will work around your day job. 

Audition Details

Auditions for “Meshuggah Nuns” will be held on March 12th at 6:30 pm at Community Theatre of Clay County. We are looking for talented individuals to fill the following roles:

  • Reverend Mother Regina: Female, 40s-50s, Mezzo-Soprano
  • Sister Mary Hubert: Female, 30s-40s, Alto
  • Sister Robert Anne: Female, 30s-40s, Alto
  • Sister Mary Amnesia: Female, 30s-40s, Soprano
  • Howard Liszt: Male, 30s-40s, Tenor

Auditions will consist of singing a prepared song (16-32 bars) and reading from the script. Please prerecorded accompaniment or you may bring your own accompanist, also dress comfortably for movement. Reservations are not required, but arrival at the start of auditions is strongly recommended.

  • SISTER MARY REGINA (Reverend Mother) is the Mother Superior of the Little Sisters of Hoboken. She tries to be strict and maintain order, but things often get out of her control. She is a hefty woman, a real Sophie Tucker type, with a big belt voice and a personality to match. She grew up in an Irish circus family and was a tightrope walker. Her “show biz” background and sense of humor always shine through her attempt at having a tough exterior. In No. 11, “Das Boat,” she impersonates Belle Rosen from “The Poseidon Adventure.”
  • SISTER MARY HUBERT, the Mistress of Novices, wanted to be a nun all her life. She is the most grounded of the nuns and has a gospel/rock singing voice. Since she is second in command to the Reverend Mother and is constantly getting her out of scrapes, she and the Reverend have a healthy and humorous rivalry. In No. 11, “Das Boat,” she plays Captain Steubing from “The Love Boat” and the Giant Squid from “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.” She is also one of the “Three Shayna Maidels” in No. 16.
  • SISTER ROBERT ANNE is a streetwise nun from Brooklyn, New York. She is fearless and tough but has a heart and soul of gold. She has a good belt and head voice and feels that she has real theatrical potential. She is constantly frustrated by Reverend Mother’s refusal to let her star in the show. She is Reverend Mother’s nemesis but is loved by all. In No. 11, “Das Boat,” she impersonates Molly Brown who sailed on the Titanic. In No. 16, she is one of the “Three Shayna Maidels.” During the Magic Act, Sister Robert Anne is the voice of the irreverent puppet Sister Mary Annette – whose unscheduled appearances and especially colorful language always manage to upset Reverend Mother’s composure.
  • SISTER MARY PAUL (a.k.a. Amnesia) was hit on the head with a crucifix and for a long period didn’t remember who she was. Now everyone knows she is Sister Mary Paul, a country singer who jump-started her recording career by being the first nun to appear at the Grand Ole Opry. She is a daffy Goldie Hawn-type with a great country voice. In No.10, “Hava Nagila,” she appears briefly as Motel, the tailor from Fiddler on the Roof. In No. 11, “Das Boat,” she impersonates Mary Ann from “Gilligan’s Island.” She is also one of the “Three Shayna Maidels” in No. 16. In No. 18, “Come Up and See Me Sometime (Mae’s Moment),” she is the voice of the puppet Sister Mary Annette.
  • HOWARD LISZT (formerly Lishinsky) is a professional actor and singer who was to appear as Tevye in the ship’s production of Fiddler on the Roof. Very charming and charismatic, he has an ability to relate to the audience as a standup comic. Although he has been in show business for many years, he has had limited contact with real show business nuns. In. No. 11, “Das Boat,” he impersonates Manny Rosen from “The Poseidon Adventure.”
  • The Ship’s Purser:
    (offstage voiceover by an Assistant Stage Manager)

Tips for a Successful Audition:

  • Choose 16-32 bars of a song that showcases your vocal range and fits the style of the show.
  • Practice your song so you are fully prepared at the audition.
  • Dress appropriately and comfortably for movement.
  • Be confident and prepared to take direction.
  • Be open to trying new things and taking risks.
  • Have fun and show your passion for the production

Director’s Notes 

Once a director is selected for this production we will update this section with information from them, keep an eye out for updates!

Performance Details

The performances of “Meshuggah Nuns” will take place on May 3, 4, & 5. Please mark your calendars and ensure you are available for all the dates.  

Backstage help needed

We also need individuals who are interested in helping with the technical aspects of the show, including set design, lighting, sound, props, makeup, and hair. We also need dedicated individuals to help with backstage duties, such as costume changes, set changes, and stage management.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this hilarious and entertaining show! Come prepared with a song and monologue, and be ready to show off your comedic skills. We can’t wait to see you at auditions!

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