Auditions for The 39 Steps are Around the Corner!

In less than a week we will hold auditions for The 39 Steps, the first show of our 41st season! We had a chat with director Lisa Watler-Marse about what she’s looking for at auditions as well as her own theatrical experience!

The 39 Steps will hold auditions on May 7, 2024 at 6:30pm at the Community Theatre of Clay County!
Director of The 39 Steps: Lisa Watler-Marse

What are you looking to See at auditions?

“I’m looking for actors who are energetic and not afraid of a challenge. I will have scripts available the day of auditions for actors to look over prior to reading for a role.”

Do Actors Need Any Special Skills to Audition for The 39 Steps?

“This show is based in London so we will be using a British accent. You may want to practice that accent in preparation for auditions. I will not require you to audition with an accent so please don’t let that deter you from auditioning. There will be a dialect coach available to the cast.”

Since there are so many characters in this play, there are a variety of British accents that can be used! If you don’t have much experience with British accents or you would like a refresher, enjoy the video below!

Ashlee Vitz will be the dialect coach for The 39 Steps, and she couldn’t be more excited to help out! Ashlee has been on stage for 35 years. During that time she has done a plethora of accents, earned a degree in theatre performance, and participated in multiple professional productions. CTCC is where she fell in love with theatre and she is utterly delighted to be helping out the cast in such a fun way!

Why Are You Excited about Directing The 39 Steps?

“I’m excited about directing this show because it’s going to challenge and stretch me as a director. This will be my first directing experience in which the actors completely change characters within a scene, and occasionally line from line!”

Watler-Marse is referring to the wild and wacky way the playwright requires only four actors to play over 150 different characters! 

See this promo from another theatre’s production for a taste of the play’s wonderful wackiness!

Tell Us a Little Bit about Your Background with Directing Theatrical Productions.

“Season 41 marks my 31(st) year with CTCC.  I started as an actor and had the opportunity to direct in 2008. I fell in love with directing and have been doing so since then. I have been on stage a few times since 2008 but always fall back to directing. Could it be I’m bossy and a control freak? Nah!!!” 

What is Your Advice for the Actors Coming to Audition for You?

My main piece of advice for those auditioning is to be open to reading multiple parts. Many times, as actors, you have a specific character in mind and it turns out we are more suited for a different role. 

Is There Anything Else You’d Like to Tell Those Auditioning for The 39 Steps?

“Lastly: be open, be energetic, and bring the funny!! I’m excited and looking forward to May 7th!!”

If you’re curious about the show, check out this link to see what another community theatre did with it!

Come Audition for Us! Work Behind the Scenes! See the show!

Open auditions will be held on May 7 at CTCC at 6:30pm.

Not quite ready to hop on stage? That’s okay! We need a ton of backstage help for this one! If you are interested, please email our production manager at bryan@castlesound.net.

Just looking for a great night out at the theatre? Wonderful! Get your tickets on our website. Nearly all of our 40th season shows sold out, so get your tickets to The 39 Steps today! The 39 Steps will play on July 26, 27, and 28!

We can’t wait to see you at the theatre!