The Wabash Valley Community Foundation Steps In

In a heartwarming display of community support, the Wabash Valley Community Foundation (WVCF) provided a grant of $15,500 to the Community Theatre of Clay County (CTCC). This grant would prove to be a lifeline for CTCC in the face of a dire situation.

The Flooding Crisis at Community Theatre of Clay County

The basement of CTCC became a scene of devastation as major flooding disrupted the theatre’s operations. The board of CTCC found themselves facing a challenging situation with no clear solution in sight. The question remained, how would they address this unexpected disaster?

The Grant Writing Committee had an idea: What if we reach out to the amazing people at the Wabash Valley Community Foundation?

The Application, Interview, and Tour with WVCF

To secure the grant from WVCF, CTCC underwent a rigorous process that included an application, an interview, and a tour of the flooded space with WVCF representatives. During this process, CTCC showcased the extent of the damage and the vital role the theatre played in the local community.

WVCF Recognizes the Need

During the application and tour, the Wabash Valley Community Foundation recognized the urgent need to restore the Community Theatre of Clay County. This recognition of the theatre’s significance within the community played a crucial role in their decision to provide the grant. The names listed below were a vital part in choosing to provide this extraordinary grant!

CTCC’s Profound Gratitude

Having been a cherished cultural institution for over 40 years, the Community Theatre of Clay County expressed profound gratitude for the WVCF’s generosity. This grant not only saved the theatre from potential disaster but also ensured that it could continue to serve the community for years to come.

In summary, the Wabash Valley Community Foundation’s grant of $15,500 to the Community Theatre of Clay County has proven to be a heartwarming example of community generosity. In the face of adversity, the theatre has been given a new lease on life, and it stands as a testament to the power of local philanthropy. The Wabash Valley Community Foundation’s support has not only preserved a cultural gem, but also reinforced the idea that communities can come together to overcome challenges and celebrate their shared heritage.

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