CTCC: Open to the Community

Firstly, at the Community Theatre of Clay County, we want to serve Brazil in a variety of ways! You likely already know about the many opportunities to participate in and watch our mainstage shows! Did you know that we are also open to other groups as well? For example, this past weekend we gave homeschool students around the Wabash Valley the opportunity to use a real stage and real theatre technology!

Homeschool Group Produces Nonsense in the North Woods

Group of young homeschool actors on the stage

Wabash Valley homeschooling families have come together to form a tight-knit community. These families have united under the shared goal of providing their children with a holistic learning experience. Under the direction of CTCC board member Tammy Emmert, this group continues to grow! Their experience served as a remarkable example of how homeschooling communities can collaborate and also create something truly magical!

The Wabash Valley Homeschool Group: A Tale of Collaboration

Group of young homeschool actors holding suitcases on the stage

This group focuses on providing a comprehensive education and also fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and support. One such way to do this is by staging a play at the Community Theatre of Clay County! This is the 2nd year that CTCC has had the honor of partnering with and encouraging this great group!

Nonsense in the North Woods: Whimsical Homeschool Adventure

Two young homeschool actors perform on stage

Nonsense in the North Woods was a delightful and also whimsical adventure filled with laughter and imagination. This family-friendly production offered a perfect platform for the children to showcase their acting skills and also their creativity. The audience followed a story brimming with peculiar characters, delightful surprises, and hilarious situations.

The Community Theatre of Clay County: A Perfect Venue for Homeschool Experience

Two young female homeschool actors perform on stage

CTCC served as an ideal venue for the Wabash Valley homeschool group’s performance. We have been a hub of artistic expression since 1983, and have been showcasing a diverse range of productions. Our warm and inviting atmosphere provided the young actors with an excellent platform to bring their play to life!

The Play’s Success: A Triumph for the Wabash Valley Homeschoolers

A young homeschool actress trying to remove Big Foot's mask

The recent staging of Nonsense in the North Woods proved to be a resounding success for this homeschool group. Weeks of dedicated rehearsals, imaginative set designs, and tireless teamwork culminated in a truly memorable performance. The young actors dazzled the audience with their talent, enthusiasm, and certainly their infectious energy. The play highlighted the homeschoolers’ acting abilities and underscored the importance of collaboration, creativity, and also community spirit in education.

In summary, Nonsense in the North Woods at CTCC was a testament to the power of community, collaboration, and also creativity. It demonstrated how homeschooling families can come together to create something truly magical.

How to Get Involved at CTCC

Two young male actors perform on stage

If you’d like to be a part of our growing community why not consider auditioning for our next play and explore our website!? We will be producing On Golden Pond! See our audition page for more details, and then come on out to join in the fun!

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See You at the Theatre!