Volunteering at a community theater is a fantastic way to combine your love for the arts with the opportunity to make a difference in your local community. Community Theatre of Clay County provides a platform for individuals passionate about theatre, and our off-stage volunteer opportunities are a great way to get involved!

Enrich Your Passion for Music: Volunteer as a Musician

  1. Accompany Rehearsals and Performances: Musicians are essential in creating the perfect atmosphere for many of our theatrical productions. By volunteering with us, you can accompany rehearsals and performances, enhancing the overall experience for actors, singers, and audiences alike.
  2. Collaborate with Talented Artists: As a musician, you’ll have the chance to work closely with talented actors, singers, and directors. By collaborating in the creative process, you’ll help bring the performances to life and contribute to the artistic vision of the production.
  3. What instruments are we looking for? If you can play it, we can use it! We especially enjoy using pianists, guitarists, and percussionists. If you play a brass or a woodwind though, we’d love to have you too!

Diverse Opportunities Beyond the Spotlight

  1. Set Design and Construction: If you have a knack for design and building, consider volunteering in the set design and construction team. From painting backdrops to constructing props, your creativity and craftsmanship can play a crucial role in creating captivating stage settings.
  2. Costume and Makeup: Join the costume and makeup team to help create the perfect look for each character. From sewing costumes to applying makeup, your skills can contribute to the transformation of actors into their theatrical personas.
  3. Lights: Try your hand at designing various effects with creative theatrical lighting.
  4. Sound: Work with our professional sound engineer to learn far more than just amplification. Discover the artistry behind sound design and function.
  5. And many MANY more! Check out this link to discover the many amazing off-stage opportunities available to you at our community theatre! (A transcript of the video is available when you scroll down.)

Making a Difference: The Impact of Off-Stage Volunteers

Volunteering at Community Theatre of Clay County extends beyond the immediate production and leaves a lasting impact on the local community. By supporting the theatre, you:

How to Get Involved and Make a Lasting Contribution

  1. Contact our Production Manager: Reach out to Bryan to express your interest in volunteering. His email is bryan@castlesound.net. He can provide you with more information about any needs to be filled in upcoming productions.
  2. Attend Auditions and Volunteer Opportunities: Stay informed about auditions and volunteer opportunities on our website.
  3. Network with Like-Minded Volunteers: Connect with other volunteers, artists, and theatre enthusiasts through community events, workshops, and social media platforms. Networking can open up opportunities and help you establish valuable connections within the local theatre community.


In conclusion, the Community Theatre of Clay County offers a wide range of off-stage volunteer opportunities for individuals passionate about theatre and music. As a pianist, you can lend your musical talents to enhance the productions and collaborate with talented artists. From set design to costumes and makeup, there are various roles to suit diverse interests and skills. Don’t forget to email Bryan at bryan@castlesound.net to let him know in which areas you would like to lend your talents!

See you at the theatre!