Get Involved at CTCC

CTCC is an all-volunteer organization providing a platform for passionate theatre lovers to come together, showcase their talent, and produce engaging entertainment for local audiences. We believe that everyone has talent to share, and we welcome anyone with a heart for the stage to join in!

Who can get involved at CTCC:

Anyone who is interested in theatre is welcome! We need volunteers for acting, lighting, sound, costume design, marketing, set design, stage management, or any other production roles! We love to work with talent of all ages from 5 to 150! (Note: There are not roles for every age in every production, but there opportunities for every age at some point in every season.)

How to get involved: 

Interested volunteers can contact any board member directly or show up at an open call audition to speak with the director of that show. We’re always eager to have newcomers join us, and we’ll be happy to find the right fit for their talent.

What to expect at CTCC:

Getting involved at Community Theatre of Clay County is an enriching experience. Volunteers get to work alongside experienced thespians, learn new skills, and build their own repertoire of theatre experiences! The camaraderie and support among volunteers are unparalleled, fostering a friendly and inclusive environment.

Time commitment:

We understand that everyone has other commitments such as school, work, or family. It’s common practice to work around people’s schedules, and we try to ensure that volunteers can fully participate without sacrificing their personal lives. With that being said, participating in a show is a significant commitment. The larger your role, the more time you will be expected to give to the rehearsal process.

The Community Theatre of Clay County provides a supportive and fun atmosphere for anyone interested in theatre to get involved. From first-time participants to experienced professionals, everyone has a role to play in creating exceptional productions that delight audiences. We encourage anyone passionate about theatre to join in the fun and participate on stage or backstage with us!