Sarah Armitage: A Dance Tour-de-Force

Extraordinary dancer, Sarah Armitage, is coming to CTCC once a week to choreograph our March production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. So far, she has choreographed the numbers Toot Sweets, Me Ole Bamboo, and Doll on a Music Box. These numbers will be sure to get toes tapping and mouths smiling!

Sarah Armitage: A Giving Heart

Sarah selflessly gives of her time and talent in many places. A dancer since the age of 2, Armitage brings decades of experience to the table. Sarah volunteers for the love of dance and musical theatre! Getting to pass on such passion brings her extraordinary joy.

Sarah’s Armitage: Trophy

One of Armitage’s prize gems is winning the 2018 Putnam County Dancing with the Stars with her dance partner Andrew Ranck. They danced to a lovely ballad and stole the hearts of audience and judges alike.

Sarah Armitage: Choreography Venues

Armitage has also done musical theatre choreography for the Putnam County Playhouse, Northview High School, North Putnam High School, Center Grove High School, and many others! Everyone who works with her adores her, and they continue to invite her back year after year!

Sarah Armitage: Life

On most weekday evenings you can find Armitage at the Dance Workshop by Tara in Greencastle. There, she teaches a class for toddlers all the way through adult ballroom lessons! After her time there, she then likes to spend time with her fiancé, Alan, and their animals.

Sarah Armitage: History with CTCC

Armitage has also graced the CTCC stage with her talent in multiple productions including musicals and musical reviews. In addition to extraordinary dance talent, she also has one of the loveliest soprano voices to ever grace our stage.

Sarah Armitage: Impact on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Armitage’s experience and talent is only bested by her kindness and gentle temperament.

Ashlee Vitz, playing Baroness Bomburst in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, says that Armitage “is always a delight to learn from. It also doesn’t hurt that we’ve been best friends for twelve years!”

Lisa Price says, “Sarah is always a joy to work with. Her talent is like having our own in-house Disney princess!”

Isaiah Bridgewater expressed, “I enjoy her teaching…I’ve learned a few things I have never done before or thought I could do!”

T.J. Tincher, who plays male lead, Caractacus Potts, states, “I’m a fan of Sarah.”

Jordan Callahan, one of our amazing teenage chorus members, exclaims, “Sarah is very sweet and funny. She’s happy-go-lucky. I love how she helps anyone that needs it. She’s very sweet and dances with us. She cracks jokes all the time. I love her very much!”

Michelle McCrea, musical director of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, states that, “Sarah is very patient and kind. She will take the time to go through the steps with us individually if we need extra help.”

Come Check Out Sarah’s Hard Work!

If you’d like to see Sarah’s choreography come to life, join us for our March production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! Friday night has already sold out! At the time of writing this article, Saturday March 9 only had 7 tickets left, and the matinee on Sunday March 10 had 97 seats left. Don’t miss out! Order your tickets today!