CTCC Holds Auditions for Meshuggah-Nuns the Musical!

CTCC recently held auditions for the hysterical musical comedy, Meshuggah-Nuns! This show is sure to delight audiences. There are only five named roles, but this show is so much fun that thirteen actors came out to audition for it!

Meshuggah-Nuns Auditions at CTCC

Some CTCC Favorites Audition for Meshuggah-Nuns!

For many years we have enjoyed the talents of Nancy Kulow, Michelle McCrea, Sandy Gibbens, Karen Morris, and Hannah (Pond) Hughes. Each of these lovely ladies took a chance on Tuesday March 12 by auditioning for Meshuggah-Nuns, the last show of the CTCC 40th season!

Some Faces That are Becoming Familiar Audition for Meshuggah-Nuns!

We are always delighted when someone enjoys our programming so much that they want to return again! Enjoying one of their first few shows with us, and also auditioning for Meshuggah-Nuns, were Cindi Monds White, Isaiah Bridgewater, Kerry Clear, Destiny Cox, and Caden Barnes.

Brand New Faces Audition for Meshuggah-Nuns!

It is always a special treat when brand new people want to join our theatre family! Auditioning for the very first time were Lilly Fewless, Theresa Shunk, and Logan Williams.

Shaun Short Directs His First Full-Length Musical with CTCC!

Shaun Short is the director for Meshuggah-Nuns. He has directed a Christmas program for CTCC and assisted with many shows, but this will be his first full length musical for us! He has some tough casting decisions to make among these 13 talented performers. He intends to announce casting by Friday March 15.

Get Your Tickets Now!

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If you’d like to learn more about this extremely funny musical, click here!