CTCC was able to chat with the cast of The 39 Steps. This will be the first production of our 41st season! This show has four actors playing over 100 characters. The 39 Steps will feature the talents of Ian Hartsook, Ellissa Hartsook, Holly Pritchett, and Levi Elmore. We couldn’t wait to see what they had to say about theatre and The 39 Steps!

Ian Hartsook rehearses for The 39 Steps
Ian Hartsook rehearses

What Do You Love About Doing Theatre?

Ian: I enjoy the excitement of being on stage. The energy that comes from a good crowd is a unique feeling that doesn’t really get old.

Ellissa: I’ve been dramatic my whole life, and onstage, that’s a good thing! I love to delve into the psyche of another person, and to build a character. Extra bonus if there’s music involved.

Holly: I love the feeling of community that grows among all involved.

Levi Elmore, Holly Pritchett, and Roxanna Vandergriff look on during rehearsal

Levi: One of my favorite parts about theatre is the collaboration both on and off stage. It takes a village to raise a child, as they say, and it’s true with a show as well! Being able to play off of each other and get to work with so many great people really sets it apart from other performing arts at times!

Do you have a particularly special memory about doing theatre at CTCC?

Ian: Well, I joined my first CTCC show as a favor for some friends. It was in that show, Mamma Mia!, that I met Ellissa.

Ellissa: So many memories with this theatre. I met Ian, my husband, in Mamma Mia! He proposed during our run of Young Frankenstein. I also wrote and co-directed for a Broadway trivia show, which was a blast.

Holly: This is my second production at CTCC, even though I have acted with other playhouses and theaters for years. I especially enjoyed our first read-through, getting the feel for the other actors, and realizing this is going to be a funny play.

Holly Pritchett and Levi Elmore rehearse as “The Clowns”

Levi: This is my first experience with CTCC, so my particularly special memory so far has been the first read through of the play! It’s already clear that this is going to be a wild ride of a show!

Why are you excited about doing The 39 Steps?

Ian: This will be my and Ellissa’s first show as a married couple, so that’s cool. I am also excited to see Levi’s incredible talent on a theatre stage. I’ve known him for a while, and have enjoyed his stand-up acts… he’s great, I promise.

Real-life married couple, Ian and Ellissa Hartsook, rehearse one of their scenes

Ellissa: Three characters, three wigs, and a dream. That’s my approach to this show! Looking forward to working with Levi and Holly, with whom I’ve yet to have the pleasure of sharing the stage. And with Ian, acting together for the first time since the wedding. I get to do a little physical comedy, so that’s always a good time.

Holly: This play will be different from any others I have done! I am excited to push myself a bit with my role.

Levi: I’m excited to be able to work with people I’ve known for years, but never worked with before! I’m also especially excited for the nature of my role so I can use a lot of the skills I have picked up from not only other theatre productions but also from my time doing stand-up comedy.

Whoa! Did Levi say stand up comedy? We had to check this out! You can too by clicking here!

Why should someone get their ticket now for the show?

Ian: If you don’t buy seats, we don’t get paid! Well, even if you do buy seats, we don’t get paid. So why not come see us not get paid?!

Ian and Ellissa Hartsook
share a laugh at rehearsal

Ellissa: If you’re anxious like me, and you’re planning to come to the show, go ahead and snag those tickets! Then you don’t have to worry about them later, cause, y’know, they might sell out. There are more wigs in this show than just the ones I’ll wear, guys. It’s gonna be a good time.

Holly: You definitely do not want to miss seeing this production. You will be in store for much laughter. Getting your tickets early means you will not be missing out!!

Levi: Everyone should get their tickets for this show as soon as possible! It’s going to be a hilarious show that nobody will want to miss. There’s only one weekend, so once it’s done it’s done!

The 39 Steps Premiers on July 26!

Come see Ian, Ellissa, Holly, and Levi putting on a comedic performance of a life time!

Diane Parrish will also have a cameo, and the production is directed by Lisa Watler-Marse.

Get your tickets at www.thelarktheatre.com.

The show will play on July 26, 27, and 28. July 26 and 27 are dinner theatre performances with dinner starting at 6:30pm and the show beginning around 7:15. Dinner theatre performances require a reservation at least one week in advance. July 27 is a matinee performance with the show beginning at 3:00pm. Concessions are available for purchase at all three performances.

Not familiar with The 39 Steps? Take a look at this to get a taste, then buy your ticket for the CTCC production on July 26, 27, and 28!

We can’t wait to see you at the theatre!