Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: A Charming Family-Friendly Musical!

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a charming, family-friendly musical that has been delighting audiences since 1968! It had its debut as a stage musical in London in 2002 before it hit Broadway in 2005. The show centers around a single father, his two children, and their grandfather, in addition to a female love interest.

Chitty Chitty Family: An Act of Teamwork

Our family is comprised of the following actors:

T.J. Tincher as Caractacus Potts

His daughter Jemima, played by Kaitlyn Tribble 

Her brother Jeremy, played by Caden Barnes

Grandpa, played by Rusty Coley

And Payton Kumpf plays the female love interest.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: The Family Speaks

Below, each of the Chitty Chitty family members shares a little bit about their joy in this production.

Payton: I love playing Truly Scrumptious because she is so headstrong but also compassionate and kind. Being in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is such a magical experience! I’m so amazed by the talent in the cast, and I think the audience is going to fall in love with this show – just like I do every time I’m at rehearsal.

Rusty: I’ve always considered myself more of a Spock than a Kirk and Grandpa is like that, doing whatever he can to help and support the family. It’s fun to have a creative outlet and the time to do it, but the BEST part of doing this show is that my grandkids are in it with me. The best reason to see the show is the laughs and good music.

T.J.: I’m in it for the money of course. Just kidding! I love getting to escape into another personality for a couple hours. People should come see the show because everyone needs a little break from reality!

Caden: I love Jeremy’s wild and eccentric nature, his curious and adventurousness makes him a very fun character to portray! I love the costumes! They’re excellently designed and handled with tremendous care. They fit each and every character’s personality and show everyone’s socioeconomic status very well. Jeremy and Jemima’s, simple, worn outfits add just a touch of poverty to their look. Truly Scrumptious, the rich, candy maker’s daughter, wearing a simple, lacy, white dress: portraying the grand and elegant side of her. The Child catcher is creepy and adds a good, black noir to the show. Everyone’s costumes are absolutely exquisite! People should come to the show because the year has only just started, so why not start off with a fun, entertaining event to brighten your spirits and inspire you for the rest of the year!? It has a good lesson, showing that everyone can power through times. It’s fun, lovable, laughable, and oh-so amazing!

Kaitlyn: I enjoy being in this show because I know a lot of the people from past shows, so it feels like playing with family.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: Come Join in the Fun!

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