Community Theatre of Clay County Presents On Golden Pond: A Summer Theatre Treat

The Community Theatre of Clay County is proud to announce its first Summer show, On Golden Pond, which will open on July 28, 29, and 30. This is an exciting time for the theatre group as it expands its programming and offers its audience a chance to experience a classic play during the warm Summer months. Here are some of the details about the production and what you can expect if you attend.

The Story of On Golden Pond

On Golden Pond is a heartwarming story about family, aging, and the complexities of relationships. The play follows an elderly couple, Ethel and Norman Thayer, as they spend their summer at their lakeside cottage in Maine. Norman is a retired professor and is dealing with the effects of aging, while Ethel is his supportive and loving wife. Their daughter Chelsea visits them with her fiancé and his son, and the family navigates their relationships with each other against the beautiful backdrop of the pond.

The Cast and Crew

The Community Theatre of Clay County will assemble a talented cast and crew to bring On Golden Pond to life. The play will be directed by long-time member and experienced director, Lisa Watler Marse. The cast includes local actors who will be excited to bring this beloved story to their community.

Summer Show

The Venue and Tickets

On Golden Pond will be performed at the Community Theatre of Clay County located on 8 East National Avenue in Brazil, Indiana. The theatre has ample seating and a professional lighting and sound designer that will enhance the experience for the audience. Tickets are available for purchase online at ctcc.ludus.com or by calling 856-843-5275.

Join us!

The Community Theatre of Clay County is thrilled to bring On Golden Pond to its audience this Summer. This is a great opportunity for theatre-goers to enjoy a classic play in a beautiful venue with a talented cast and crew. The production promises to be a heartwarming and engaging experience that will leave the audience feeling uplifted and entertained. Don’t miss your chance to see this wonderful show – get your tickets today!