Celebrating Community Theatre of Clay County: What a Year!

CTCC has accomplished so much this year! We created a new board makeup, really stepped up our game with committees, and sold out nearly all of our shows! On top of that, we received community sponsor support as well as extremely helpful grants so that we can be even better servants to Clay County!

Celebrating January

In January of 2023, we created our new board. (See image.) This board worked hard to serve Clay County through live theatre and community engagement this year! January also brought the auditions for one of our toughest shows yet: Noises Off!

CTCC February

In February, committees were created and chairs were assigned. These committees did extraordinary work this year, being the most effective set to date!

CTCC March

In March, it was our delight to produce Noises Off to nearly sold out crowds! This cast included familiar favorites as well as brand new faces! Audiences roared with laughter as they enjoyed getting a behind-the-scenes look of what goes on in the theatre!

CTCC April

April brought about delightful music as actors ages 16-80 rehearsed for our Broadway Trivia Musical Review! This month also saw the revitalization of our website! Feel free to browse at www.thelarktheatre.com for great, up-to-date information about CTCC!


In May, we delighted audience members with Broadway tunes ranging all the way from the classics to modern pieces. There was even a contest to see who could answer the most Broadway trivia questions. Winners win home with delightful gift baskets!


June was an exciting month for us as we had air conditioning! This allowed us to have a show rehearsing in the Summer! The actors and crew for the drama “On Golden Pond” worked extremely hard during the Summer to prepare a great show! This was also the month that we provided a week-long children’s workshop. This year, the theme was Winnie-the-Pooh. We had to make it smaller this year due to lack of volunteers, so if you’d like to help in Summer 2024, please let us know! We were also delighted to be awarded $1,000 from the Brazil Rotary, $2,150 from Clay County’s Guys Who Give, and $6,492 from the Indiana Arts Commission!


In July, we produced our first-ever summer show in our building! Nearly the entire cast was made up of actors who had never performed on our stage! It was great to have so many new faces, and to welcome back a couple of familiar ones!

CTCC August

In August, we got our Young Actor’s Theatre program into full swing! This year’s production was “No Strings Attached,” a delightful musical take on Pinocchio! This annual program always teaches so much and allows kids a chance to be part of a full-scale production! As a matter of fact, if you talk to our board, you’ll find that many of them started in the children’s theatre program!

CTCC September

September brought a great deal of excitement as the Young Actors performed to sold out crowds for all of their shows! This year was extra special as we had a national pageant winner come to meet the kids and watch their show! Ashley Logan, US American Ms. 2023, gave of her time and talent to the delight of all our children! This was also the month where we joyfully set up a table outside of our building and get to chat with the citizen of Clay County at the annual Route 40 Fest!

CTCC October

October brought the rehearsals of our Christmas program. 50 actors ages 6-86 joined together to rehearse for our “Holly Jolly Variety Show!” This was also the month when we were delighted to bring on Kim Deakins as one of our rehearsal pianists! To add to our joy, the local Wal-Mart provided us with a great for $750 to use however we saw fit!

CTCC November

November saw the continuation of our Christmas show rehearsals. Our big news was that we were accepted into a pilot program from the Wabash Valley Community Foundation called Match Madness. From November 1-March 31, any donation made to our new endowment will be matched by the Foundation $1 for $1 up to $1,000 for an individual and $5,000 total! We were so delighted to be chosen! This was also the month where we joyfully participated in Clay County’s annual Hometown Holiday Event! We were also delighted to accept $120 grant from the Wabash Valley Community Foundation to attend a grant writing seminar! Another huge accomplishment for us is that our grant proposal was accepted by the Wabash Valley Community Foundation, who awarded us $15,500 to fix our dilapidated basement. We LOVE WVCF!

CTCC December

This month opened with our Christmas play, which got to perform to nearly sold-out audiences! Patrons were delighted with the story and songs of the Yuletide season. This is also the month when the Nominating Committee puts forth their recommendations for who should be on the ballot at the annual meeting. There are four open positions. As is tradition, those who are already on the board were chosen to be on the ballot. These current board members are Elaine Clarke, Amy Cleveland, and Ellen McCullough. The one remaining spot was offered to Valerie Clark, who graciously accepted the offer. Being on the ballot does not automatically grant anyone a position, and CTCC members are allowed to nominate anyone they like from the floor during the annual meeting.

Our most thrilling December news is that we received $25,000 from Clay County through the American Rescue Plan Act! These funds will go toward fixing our crumbling façade. They will also be used as matching funds for an amazing opportunity that…you will have to find out about at our annual meeting!

Join us at our Annual meeting on January 21. We will meet at 3pm at the theatre. If you donate $10 or more to our Match Madness program, your dues will be automatically paid, and you will be a voting member of CTCC for the 2024 year. We cannot accept the funds directly. Please see the image in this article for the various ways you can donate. You can also click here to go directly to online giving. If you do not do so, dues are $10, and you will still be a voting member just like those who did donate to the endowment.

Thank you to everyone who made 2023 one of our most successful years yet!