CTCC Annual Meeting Membership Letters Mailed Out

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We recently sent out our annual membership letter, which included information about membership, the CTCC annual meeting, and Match Madness. If you did not receive your letter, then you are not on our mailing list. Go ahead and sign up today! You can do so right now by scrolling to the bottom of this page and filling out the simply form under “Sign up for our Mailing List.”

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CTCC Annual Meeting Membership Letter Content

We want to make sure our membership letter content is available to everyone, so we are putting it in this news post as well! The more participation we have, the better! Check out everything we’ve been up to this year by browsing all of our news posts!

CTCC Annual Meeting Membership Drive Greeting

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I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits as we reach out to you regarding our 2024 membership drive! Over four decades ago, we embarked on a journey that has transformed us into far more than just a theatre; today, we cordially invite you to stand beside us in ensuring that the Community Theatre of Clay County (CTCC) continues to shine brightly for many years to come.

How to Become a Voting Member of CTCC

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A contribution of $10 or more automatically makes you a member of CTCC! This donation will be
for the 2024 financial year. You will receive an invitation to the annual meeting held in January
and gives you voting rights for all business brought before the membership. Your name will also
be listed in our programs for every show presented in 2024.

Match Madness: Amazing Opportunity!

This year we are presented with a remarkable opportunity as CTCC has been selected to
participate in the prestigious Match Madness program, in collaboration with the Wabash Valley
Community Foundation. This groundbreaking initiative involves a dollar-for-dollar match, up to a
total of $5,000, for all contributions received. This matching grant will be allocated to our newly
established endowment, and, with your support, it has the potential to elevate our endowment to a
remarkable $10,000 in its inaugural year. This opportunity represents a significant milestone in our
quest for long-term sustainability.

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Why an Endowment is Such a Good Thing

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But what, you might wonder, is an endowment? In essence, it is a financial contribution, whether
in the form of money or property, bestowed upon a nonprofit organization, with the returns on
investment being used to further the organization’s mission. Therefore, your singular act of
generosity could provide CTCC with a lasting benefit that extends across decades.
If you would like to help in this amazing opportunity, please see the image below.
(Note: We cannot put your donation in our endowment fund without your permission.)
If you would prefer that your donation go to our general fund instead, please go to https://thelarktheatre.com/donate to make your donation online. Every dollar helps us to bring incredible live theatre to Clay County!

CTCC Appreciates All of Its Contributors!

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We deeply appreciate your continued support, which allows us to fulfill our artistic mission and
enrich the cultural tapestry of our community. Your involvement in our membership drive ensures
the legacy of CTCC shines even brighter.
Warm regards,
Community Theatre of Clay County Board of Directors

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