Solarbration Singsation!

The Solarbration Singsation brought many talented performers to the CTCC stage. All of Indiana found special ways to celebrate the recent total solar eclipse that took place on April 8. CTCC was no exception. We were delighted to host the Northview Jazz Choir as well as the local, hit gospel group, Graybeard.

Valerie Clark Reflects on the Solarbration Singsation

One of the newest board members, Valerie Clark, said that, “The night was such a fun way to showcase some of the talent of all ages in the community. 

Northview has a lot of talented students, and it was unique to see some able to showcase their skills outside of class. Watching the confidence of a student picking up and instrument and performing for an audience was amazing. I hope they decide to return to the CTCC stage. 

Some highlights from the NHS show were CTCC’s own Mia Tribble surprising Mrs. Buchanan by dedicating a song to her. Piper Gibbons also wowed with her rendition of “Maybe This Time.”  

Graybeards put on an excellent show that had their audience members both young and not as young tapping, singing, and dancing along. 

Several members of the audience were serenaded by members of the band, which had the audience laughing along. 

Unlike the eclipse, I hope this isn’t a once in a lifetime experience as it brought so many people together to enjoy the arts. Such a great use of the “Community” part of the Community Theatre of Clay County.”

Gilbert Clear Shares Experience of the Singsation

According to Northview student Gilbert Clear, “The crowd was full of life and that always makes performance easier.”

Clear continued by stating, “I did Les Poissons (from the Little Mermaid), and that was hilarious so we got good laughing from the crowd”

Alyssa Lovett Reflects on the Solarbration Singsation

Alyssa Lovett, current CTCC board vice-president, said of Northview High School, “I was so impressed to see the young people of our community singing, playing the piano, and strumming on their guitars at the Solarbration Event last night! The talent displayed was phenomenal!”

About Graybeard, Lovett stated, “Watching the Graybeard band perform at the Solarbration Singsation was fun, relaxing, and entertaining. I enjoyed listening to their original songs and hearing the history that goes along with them. I can’t wait to see them perform again soon!”

Thank You for Supporting the Arts!

To make this event available to the entire community, the “cost” of admission was a freewill donation. We so appreciate those who gave!

NHS raised $241.50 for their choir and CTCC raised $259! 

Thank you to everyone who came to support both the Northview Jazz Choir and Graybeard at CTCC for our Solarbration Singsation! 

Invitation to Final Show of 40th Season

We’d like to invite you to see even more talent on our stage at the final show of our 40th season! We are putting on the musical comedy Meshuggah-Nuns by Dan Goggins. This promises to be a night full of laughter and joy! Get your tickets at www.thelarktheatre.com. Our last show sold out three weeks before opening, so we recommend getting tickets now before they’re gone!

We can’t wait to see you again at the theatre!

Photograph Credits: Alan Clark and Brenda Buchannan