CTCC had an amazing 40th Season! During our “Ruby Anniversary,” we put on great shows to wonderful audiences, received support from all over the community, and lived out our mission to enrich the cultural life of our county! Take a stroll with us down memory lane to remember all the great things CTCC was able to accomplish this season. As always, none of it would be possible without YOU!

  1. On Golden Pond: The First Show of Our 40th Season!

Our season opened with the classic drama On Golden Pond. Our stage was home to familiar and new faces alike, and they got to play to 200 eager audience members. Due to updated air conditioning, this was also the first time we’ve been able to produce a summer show!

40th Season produces On Golden Pond!
  1. Youth Summer Workshop

Winnie-the-Pooh hit both public domain and our stage in Summer 2023! Children enjoyed singing, acting, building sets, and making costumes, all with a yellow-snuggly-bear theme!

  1. Professional Choreographer Wows During 40th Season!

We had the great honor of having professional choreographer Sarah Armitage put our dances together for the musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

  1. Places volunteers came from

We had volunteers from all over this season! We enjoyed talent from Clay, Vigo, Putnam, and Hendricks Counties!

  1. Production improvements for Our 40th Season!

Most of our productions got a major facelift this season! With professional help for lights and sound, and a new committee that got to work on building quality sets, most of our productions have never looked better!

  1. Updated mailing list

We more than doubled the amount of names and addresses on our mailing list! We love keeping our fans and volunteers up-to-date! If you’d like to join our mailing list, head to www.thelarktheatre.com!

  1. 40th Season Sponsors!

We had amazing sponsors for our 40th season! We loved showing them off on our marquee, website, Facebook page, show-night slideshow, and show programs! We are especially grateful to Riddell National Bank as well as Terry and Sandy Gibbens!

  1. Ad sales

We loved working with our community partners this season! We loved showing them off on our marquee, website, Facebook page, show-night slideshow, and show programs! We are especially grateful to Terre Haute Music School, who provided the largest ad!

  1. New looks on programs

Our programs have never looked so professional! With extraordinary design by Bryan Schroeder and the wonderful talent of A+ Printing, we couldn’t be happier with our new program look!

  1. 7th Annual Route 40 Fest

We’ve been part of the Route 40 Fest family for seven years now! We love getting to interact with the community in such a personal way!

  1. No Strings Attached (60 kids)

Our youth show had over 60 kids participate! This is always a wonderful experience for our local youth!

  1. US American Ms. 2023

As an added bonus, the kids in our youth program got to meet a national celebrity: US American Ms. 2023, Ashley Logan! Ashlee brought presents and watched them shine on stage!

  1. New piano players

We were delighted to add to our family of musicians with the talents of Kim Deakins and Dave Lloyd! We’re still looking for more rehearsal and show pianists if you’d like to join the team!

  1. Have a Holly Jolly Variety Show

Our Christmas show sold out extremely fast! Over 50 actors from ages 5-85 performed for 322 patrons!

  1. Poland Historical Chapel Christmas concert

Our Christmas choir was able to perform at this historical building for a room filled with cheery guests, and we were even treated to a meal afterwards!

  1. Grants

We had a wonderful result from our grant writing committee this season! We received funds from the Wabash Valley Community Foundation (WVCF), Brazil Wal-Mart, Brazil Rotary, Brazil VFW, Great Dane, and the Clay County Commissioners! In addition, we reached our Match Madness goal through WVCF and have started an endowment with $10,000!

  1. Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting brought fresh faces to the board with the addition of Valerie Clark and Amanda Loughmiller. It was a wonderful afternoon of attending to CTCC business and celebrating the good that had been done in the year 2023!

  1. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang sold out faster than any show we’ve ever seen! 335 patrons enjoyed this wonderful musical over the period of three days. 

  1. Destiny Cox

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was delighted to bring Destiny Cox onboard! Her skill with theatrical lighting that she learned during college brought about an amazing and welcome change to our stage!

  1. Membership numbers

Our CTCC membership numbers went up, up, up! This year we have more than 50 members, and we hope to have even more join at our next annual meeting!

  1. High school scholarships

Each year, it is our honor to award scholarships to graduating high school seniors who have participated in our programming. We can’t provide their names here, because they will be awarded on May 13!

  1. Meshuggah nuns

The final show of our season brought love and laughter to 200 patrons the first weekend in May! 

  1. McDonald’s and meet the Michigan nuns (March 17)

In mid-March we were delighted to partner with McDonald’s on highway 40 in Brazil. We earned $425 for the theatre while dressed up in costume, waving to traffic, and engaging with the customers!

  1. CTCC teenagers at Northview High School musical

Many of the teenagers who had trained at CTCC had great parts in the Northview High School production of The Little Mermaid, Jr.! It was a delight to see them shining on another stage! 

  1. Solarbration Singsation

This year brought about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in the solar eclipse! To celebrate, the Northview High School Jazz Choir and the local, hit, gospel group, Greybeard, performed on the CTCC stage! Funds were raised for NHS and CTCC!

  1. Online Presence

One of our proudest achievements has been the massive improvement of our online presence! Having a constantly updated website and Facebook page has made all the difference in the world! Thank you for visiting so much! Keep it up!

  1. Harrison Bechtel’s Lemonade Stand

Harrison Bechtel has loved his experience with CTCC so much that he had a lemonade stand with A&B Farmhouse. He raised hundreds of dollars and gave it all to CTCC! Thanks Harrison!

We could not have been happier with the results of our 40th season! We will strive for even more fun and success during our 41st season!

Don’t miss the first show of our 41st/topaz season! We will be putting on the hysterical comedy, The 39 Steps, on July 26, 27, and 28! Get your tickets at www.thelarkthaetre.com!