The CTCC Annual Meeting held wonderful surprises for the membership this year! From announcements regarding income never before seen to the election of two brand new board members, this year’s meeting did not disappoint!

Annual Meeting Great Progress Reports!

Each committee chair had an opportunity to share their thoughts and accomplishments in regards to work done in 2023.

Budget & Finance – Amy Cleveland was delighted to report that the CTCC bank account ended 2023 with more money than had ever been seen.

Building Maintenance – Matt Tribble was glad to report that the theatre was able to fix building issues promptly, including a leak that was extending from the third floor down to the second floor.

Marketing & Membership – Ashlee Vitz was delighted to share increases in social media engagement, website engagement, and funds brought in through program ad sales. Any time you want to see what’s going on at CTCC, check out www.thelarktheatre.com!

Artistic Direction – Lee Reberger was not in attendance, but Michelle McCrea did announce the 2024 season! Keep reading to discover what it will be!

Production Management – Bryan Schroeder was very pleased that steps were being taken in the right direction toward a more organized and efficient way of operating. 

Community Engagement – Tammy Emmert was pleased to announce that CTCC engaged with the community in multiple ways this year including partnerships with local school and church groups as well as participation in various community events. 

Grant Writing – Ashlee Vitz was thrilled to share the very big news regarding the amount brought in by the committee this year! It was a total of: $54,600! In even more exciting news, Vitz shared that there are steps being taken toward applying for a 1/2 million dollar grant through IOCRA!

Summer Programs – Clarissa McCullough was pleased to share a review of the Summer Youth Workshop that was proposed back in 2020 and continued into this past year. She was hopeful for more volunteers this coming year.

By-laws Review – Alyssa Lovett shared the proposed changes that the by-laws committee recommended.

Most changes were approved. These changes included wording alterations to articles 2, 4, and 7. The changes to articles 2 and 4 were approved with slight amendments, but the change to article 7 was not approved. The new by-laws will be posted to our website shortly.

CTCC Annual Meeting Unveils 41st Season!

Our 41st season promises to engage and delight our community! Get excited for the following shows!

June: Grimm’s Fairy Tales Summer Workshop

July: 39 Steps (Comedy)

September: Young Actor’s Show: Toy Box

December: Rudolph

March: Fiddler on the Roof

May: A Magical Mousey Celebration (This title in the works, but you can guess what kind of music this will be showcasing!)

CTCC Annual Meeting Elections Take Six Rounds of Voting!

The big event, as always, was the election of board members. This year’s incumbents were Amy Cleveland, Elaine Clarke, and Ellen McCullough.

The new name on the ballot, though not at all new to the theatre, was Valerie Clark.

Three people were nominated from the floor. These candidates were Amanda Loughmiller, Clarissa McCullough, and Ashlee Vitz. 

It takes 2/3 of the present voting membership to be elected. After five rounds, the winner goes to the one with the most votes. It took 6 rounds of voting to fill the four positions!

2024 Election Results!

The results were as follows:

We are delighted to welcome back Amy Cleveland and Elaine Clarke!

We are thrilled to welcome in Valerie Clark and Amanda Loughmiller!

CTCC Annual Meeting Wrap-Up

CTCC looks forward to an incredible 2024 with the leadership of the current board as well as those who will chair committees!

(Article by Ashlee Vitz)