Community Theatre of Clay County Board Meeting

                                 March 14, 2023

Board Members Present:

Matt Tribble, Alyssa Lovett, Elaine Clarke, Carl McKinney, Ellen McCullough, Tammy Emmert,

Bryan Schroeder, Lee Reberger, Amy Cleveland and Michelle McCrea.

President Matt Tribble called the meeting to order at 6:01. The minutes of February 16th were read, and a motion was made by Ellen to approve them and Elaine 2nd. The motion was carried.

Production Management:

Bryan presented a production management proposal of tools needed to strike sets after shows. They do not have all the tools they need currently.  He has made a list of drills, bits, battery packs etc. from Amazon and it is under $500.00.  He is also going to talk  with Dennis to see what tools are his and what are the theatres. We may also need to get a ladder. Elaine made a motion to approve $500.00 for tools to strike the set, Tammy 2nd. The motion was carried.

Arts Illiana Table Scape Fund Raiser:

Ellen has been approached to decorate a table again but doesn’t have the time. She would like us to participate by donating to the Silent Auction a pair of Season Tickets and $10.00 Concession vouchers. Bryan made a motion to donate these items and Tammy 2nd. Motion was carried.

Youth Summer Workshop:

Clarissa McCullough handed out and presented a proposed Budget for the committee.  It has changed since December with a new proposed Budget of $3235.00 and has asked that the funds be reallocated. She explained the budget and the items on it. Last year they received a Grant from Great Dane and are hoping to get that again. It is a Community Outreach Program that lets children have a chance to work on sets, costumes, makeup and to be in a production. Concession money goes back to the Theatre and the program keeps the Ticket Money.  They are caping registration at 60 children this year. The cost is $25.00 per child.  This will be the 3rd. summer for the program.  Amy does not have the $4170.00 earmarked for the camp in the budget currently but she will correct that.   Elaine asked for an income and expense projected budget.  Elaine asked if next time they could present an income and expense projected budget.  Matt made a motion to approve the budget as presented and to approve the earmarking of the $4170.00 in the financial statements. The motion carried.

Community Engagement:

Matt presented a budget for the committee,

$100.00 for the Street Fest

$100.00 for Christmas Walk

A motion was made to approve the budget and it was carried.

Artistic Direction:

Lee reported that he got a $1000.00 donation from Brian Deakins to be used for Tech.

We will need to send him a thank you and to Tri Kappa.

He handed out and presented a potential Theatre Season and potential Shows. The committee decided it would be better to spread out the shows that we do now rather than add another production, that way there would be no overlapping of rehearsals.   He has sent off a request for royalty amounts for 9 musicals for us to consider. The name of the Young Actors Show is No Strings Attached. Matt made a motion to approve the scheduled dates for the Theatre Season for 2023-2024. The motion was carried.   Matt made a motion to approve the slate of shows as currently presented, the motion was carried. 

Lee also presented a proposed budget for On Golden Pond for $1,082.00. The budget presented does include streaming rights if we would want to consider that. 28, 29, & 30th. This would be the first show of the new season.  Matt made a motion to accept the budget, it was carried.

The group Graybeard would like to do a benefit concert for the Theatre along with Mark Allen’s Group the Rail Brothers. Lee would like approval to proceed with this and to set a date for this summer. All were in favor of this.

Treasurers Report:

Amy passed out the treasurers’ report and explained them and noted that she would add the allocation for the Summer Workshop of $4170.00. There are also allocations for the lighting project and air conditioning. The lighting project money can be used for any lighting  that we need now. We are still waiting for the last air conditioning bill. We have earmarked 13,000.00 of our $39,758.57, that will change when she adds in the Summer Workshop allocation.

Amy went through the funds that are listed and answered questions about them. Also the income & expenses for the months of January & February and the Estimated Show Profitability for the 2022-2023 Season.

Matt checked and we are not getting charged for trash.

Matt reported that the total ticket sales for Noises Off at this time is $4,900.00

New Business:

Amy filled out an Audit from State Farm, they are not going to raise our rates.

We used to have 8 coffee carafe we only have 3 now, Bill Papinchock is going to donate 5 more.

Amy would like to purchase a large coffee pot, or an electric kettle for hot water for tea. She will research what would work best and report at the next meeting.

Ellen mentioned that she had notes saying that we were going to spend money on a paint sink. It was said that Lee had asked for this and had gotten approval through text messaging.  Tammy asked if there are approvals in text messages should they be added to the minutes. Everyone agreed that they should.

Carl asked if we were going to get an estimate for the plumbing on the sink that we should ask them to give us an estimate for changing the sewer drainage to the gravity feed drainage. It would be nice to know what we are looking at for cost. The basement does still have a sewage smell. There was discussion about putting doors up where the curtain is now going to the basement to help with the smell or putting a curtain up on the landing area at the top of the 2 steps. We would need to check with the Fire Marshall.

We did have a mouse in the kitchen one night of the show. We would need to put poison out a couple of weeks before the show. We formerly had McCoy’s Exterminating come and treat the building. Matt will refer this to the Facilities Management Committee and reach out to McCoy’s for an estimate.

Elaine brought up that we need to hire a Dinner/Kitchen Coordinator that we pay $599.00 so that 1099 would not have to be filled out. Amy has been doing the coordinating along with help from Alyssa & Michelle. Amy has made a list of kitchen duties and what needs to be done and when. The production committee can make a separate kitchen committee that will take care of the kitchen & front of the house.

Michelle brought up that $50.00 was not enough to pay the people who clean the Theatre before the show. It was decided that we should make a list of what we expected to be cleaned. It was asked if the same people would do it for each show, she will ask them and ask what they feel is a fair rate to be paid. We will table this until April’s meeting.

Bryan asked if the Production Committee is responsible for cleaning the 2nd floor and keeping both upper floors organized. He is happy to take that on and has some ideas but doesn’t want to step on anyone’s toes. Everyone agrees that he can go ahead with his plans!


Alyssa reported that we had 2 scholarships submitted, Morgan Withers and Kate Wolf.

Women’s restroom:

The left faucet is only dribbling water.


We were quoted a price between $200.00 -$500.00 by Jordan Moran.

There was discussion about having them done this year by a professional and then having the Finance committee do them next year.

Alyssa made a  motion to have Moran Tax & Accounting  do the taxes and an audit for 2022, Elaine 2nd. The motion was carried.

The Lilly Grant proposal is due May 1st.  The Grant Committee has not met yet.

The Marketing Committee is going to take care of the programs for the shows.

We still need to put a coupon in the program from Sweeper World.

The windows are done by marketing along with input from the directors. Karen and Dennis Morris have been doing the windows and like to do them. We do need to make sure our Grantor signs are always in the windows. We need to get some bigger & nicer signs for the Grantors. Elaine will check with A+ printing.

Matt would like the chair of the committees to email him the committee reports,  he will email them out to the Board Members.

Alyssa made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Amy 2nd. The meeting was adjourned at 7:36.