CALL TO ORDER and ADOPT MINUTES: 2/16/23 President Matt Tribble called the meeting to order at 6:05p.m. @CTCC. The minutes were read and a motion was made to approve them with corrections/amendments by Ellen and seconded by Tammy.  The motion passed.

Board Members Present: 

Matt Tribble, Alyssa Lovett, Lee Reberger, Tammy Emmert, Ellen McCullough, Carl McKinney, Amy Cleveland, Bryan Schroeder

CTCC Members present: None


President’s Report – Matt 

  1. Noises Off tickets sales so far: Friday – 65 Sat – 54 Sun – 42          

Treasurer’s Report 

  1. Amy presented the financial report. January is looking good due to the insurance payout. 
  2. We are still being charged for trash service by the city, which they are unable to provide for us. Amy will call and check on this. She will see if they will discount the trash services or provide us with an alternative trash service.            


  1. We are voting to approve the new committee assignments. No reports at this time. 


  1. Committee Recommendations: The following committee rosters were introduced and debate opportunities were given to each board member. The rosters were all approved without dissenting votes.

Marketing & Membership

Chairs: Ashlee Vitz

Members: Ellen McCullough, Bryan Schroeder, Alyssa Lovett, Valerie Clark

Budget & Finance

Chair: Amy Cleveland

Members: Elaine Clarke, Matt Loughmiller, Michelle Engle, Kelly Branum

Facilities Maintenance

Chair: Matthew Tribble

Members: Michelle McCrea, Kevin McCrea, Pat Beyers

Production Management

Chair: Bryan Schroeder

Members: Ellen McCullough, Amanda Loughmiller, Kevin McCrea, Alyssa Lovett, Carl McKinney, Michelle McCrea, Dennis Morris

Team: Clarissa McCullough, Jim Wilkison

Artistic Direction

Chair: Lee Reberger

Members: Elaine Clarke, Ellen McCullough, Michelle McCrea, Tammy Emmert, Clarissa McCullough, Nancy Kulow

Community Engagement

Chair: Tammy Emmert

Members: Amy Cleveland, Matthew Tribble

Team: Alyssa Lovett, Valerie Clark

Grant Writing

Co-Chair: Ellen McCullough and Ashlee Vitz 

Members: Amy Cleveland, Valerie Clark, Elaine Clarke, Tammy Emmert


Chair: Alyssa Lovett

Members: Lee Reberger, Ellen McCullough, Amy Cleveland, Tammy Emmert, Bryan 

Schroeder, Michelle McCrea.  

Summer Workshops

Chair: Clarissa McCullough

Members: Elaine Clarke, Alyssa Lovett, Valerie Clark, Amy Cleveland, Lee Reberger

Teams: Ellen McCullough 


  1. Matthew is going to put together a request for new lights for the building. 
  2. Insurance follow-up – Lee is contacting Servpro – he is still waiting on their reply. 
  3. Amy suggested maybe locking the file folders. She said that some of the files may have been moved because they were out of order. Matt will add it to the facilities management. 
  4. Amy will order the dehumidifier that Alyssa sent (from Amazon).
  5. Alyssa will reach out to Jordan Moran about the audit. 
  6. Do not turn off the breakers on the third floor. Turn on the stairwell breaker by the men’s restroom, and go upstairs. When you go up there, you should be able to pull the string for the lights you want. DO NOT turn off the breakers on the third floor. Matthew will make a sign. 
  7. Alyssa makes a motion to create the grant writing committee for this year to evaluate and apply for grants for this year with the membership to be co-chairs Ellen McCullough and Ashlee Vitz, with members Amy Cleveland, Tammy Emmert, Valerie Clark, Elaine Clarke. Bryan seconded the motion. Motion passed 
  8. Matt makes a motion to create the summer workshops committee to have their programs wrapped up by October 1st with the committee report to the board for the annual meeting.  Chair: Clarissa McMullough, with members Amy Cleveland, Alyssa Lovett, Lee Reberger, Valerie Clark, Elaine Clarke. Motion passed 
  9. Matt moves to give the fire extinguisher letter from Koorsen to Facilities Management. 
  10. Ellen will take the Catalog of New Plays to Lee. 
  11. Amy is going to buy new pitchers, stamps, and envelopes.  Amy will present an office supplies budget for general use at the next meeting. 
  12. Matt donated paper towel dispensers for the restrooms. 
  13. Matt would like to throw in the YA performance included in the Season Ticket holders benefits. 
  14. Ellen inquired about the 501c3 approval letter for the IRS. Amy will look for this.  


Second Tuesday of every month at 6:00pm. 

Alyssa made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:31pm. Tammy seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:34pm

Upcoming Meetings:

Tuesday, March 14th

Tuesday, April 11th

Tuesday, May 9th 

Tuesday, June 13th

Tuesday, July 11th