Community Theatre of Clay County Board Meeting

April 11, 2023

Board members present:

Matt Tribble, Lee Reberger, Amy Cleveland, Carl McKinney, Tammy Emmert, Bryan Schroeder, Alyssa Lovett, Ellen McCullough, Sandy Gibbens and Michelle McCrea

Matt called the meeting to order at 6:06pm. The minutes were read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Amy handed out and presented the Treasures report, she went through each section, and explained the deposits & expenses.

So far, we have made $2800.00 profit from Noises Off.

Troy has not given us an invoice for his work, Matt will contact him.

Amy sent out thank you letters to several people and organizations who donated money to the theatre.

DCL Media did Radio Spots for Noises Off and didn’t charge us. There were 30 ads over 3 stations for a week.

Amy suggested we send 2 Dinner Tickets to DCL Media for Sat night with a Thank You. Ellen made a motion and Michelle 2nd. Motion carried. Amy will send out the Thank You. Dave Crooks is the owner.

Youth Workshop:

Clarissa presented the report. The dates for the workshop are June 19-23rd. The theme is Grimms Fairy Tales.

Grant Writing Committee:

Matt presented the report. The Committee is applying for a $2,500.00 Urgent Fund Request from the Wabash Valley community Foundation and $2,500.00 from the Brazil Rotary. Both are to fix the falling bricks from the Theatre facade.  The quote for this was $5000.00-$6,000.00.

Amy is gathering costs for items that we need to submit for the Lily Endowment Strengthening Youth Programs in Indiana Grant. She has reached out to Bryan to help gather information for sound equipment, Ellen for musical items, and Matt for building needs. This information will also help with future grants also.


Matt looked up the patron responses on how they heard that we were presenting Noises Off. Most said they saw it on Facebook or that they knew a cast member. A few saw it on TV or in the paper. No one responded that they heard it on the radio.

Bryan has been working on the Website. He hopes to have it ready for the opening of the Broadway Show. The cost is $25.00 for the domain name, $75.00 hosting fee. There are 2 kinds of URL sites. There is an additional fee of $100.00 for the S which will show it is a secure website. He would like someone to write a history of the theatre for the website.  Lee and Ellen will write the history.  Frequently asked questions can be added, and Ashley will add current things that are going on. 

Bryan informed us that it is time to renew the Domain name and hosting fee in 2 weeks. He thinks adding the S for the SSL is important to make it a secure site if we decide to do the Ludus connection for tickets. Amy made a motion to go with the secure site for $200.00, Alyssa 2nd. motion carried.

There was discussion about an email list of our patrons. The only mailing list we have now is for Season Ticket holders. There are upgrades we can add on Ludus, marketing, fundraising, campaigns, and they are adding new things all the time.

There were several Logo’s discussed and Bryan is also looking for a slogan. Bryan created Join Us at The Lark. Ellen said there was one previously on the website that was Where People Come to Connect. Meet Us at The Lark, Live at The Lark was also brought up. Send your thoughts and ideas to Ashley or Bryan.

Production Management:

The musical hasn’t been decided on yet, we are waiting for 2 more contracts to come in.

Scholarship Information:

There have been 4 applications submitted. Haden Slader, Morgan Withers, Payton Wolf, and Aengus McCullough. Applications are open until Friday. The presentation is on May 15th at 7:00pm.

Old Business:

The Paint Sink installation estimate was $575.00. The sink is already in due to some miscommunication with the contractor. It is fully functional but only has cold water. We can put hot water in, it would be about $280.00 for labor and materials. Amy made a motion to reimburse Lee the $575.00 and to approve the $280.00 to get the hot water installed. Matt 2nd, motion was carried.

The contractor is also working on the estimates to replace the breakers $1800-$2100.00. There was discussion about if we replaced stage lights and how it would affect this process. There was discussion about the Street Fest and the power that Pat runs for that day.  We also talked about money and what we had to work with for lighting improvements.

Financial Audit:

Alyssa emailed Moran about the taxes and audit.

Production Management:

Most of the tools are here, we are waiting on 1 battery & 1 charger.

Matt has not followed up with McCoy’s about the estimate for quarterly pest inspection. We also have ants again that need to be taken care of.

Amy has donated a coffee urn and has another one on the way. One for coffee and one for Hot water only.  We also need to label the First Aid Kit.

We discussed the pay for the cleaning ladies. Ellen made a motion to pay them $100.00 and give them 2 tickets to the matinee, motion passed.

Programs will be done in Black & White at Riddell for the Broadway show and we will add the coupon for Sweeper World.

Ellen thought it might be fun to get donations from local businesses for prize baskets for the trivia contest.  Ashley could also use this in her advertising for the show. Everyone thought it was a great idea. Amy will email out a donation letter for tax purposes to give to the businesses. She will also make up the prizes into gift baskets.  We will need to let each other know who we are contacting.

Matt received a message from Troy that he will be sending us an invoice.

There will be a set workday on Sat the 15th.

Wednesday April 26th we will set the tables for the show 5:30-6:00

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40pm.

Additional Business Done Via Text 

Saturday April 22, 2023 at 12:41pm.                                                                         

Matt Tribble texted the board members about the results of the Artistic Direction Committee. The committee has recommended Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for the spring musical (royalties- $1400.00, $400.00 of which is a deposit which should be returned) and in place of a Musical Review, the final show of the year is recommended to be Meshuggah Nuns. The Royalties are about $1400.00 with a $400.00 deposit.

He asked us to respond with a simple positive or negative response so that the marketing team can begin work on putting together the flyer for next season and finalize the program for the Broadway Trivia Show. We can formally vote at the May meeting.

Those who responded positively:












Michelle McCrea – Secretary